KonNeXK is the unique method of applying precise standards for adopting sport specific testing and performance metrics that provide our clients with detailed analysis of their athletic abilities and presenting information with an optimized mobile solution. Our team of authorized sports performance companies and their certified trainers provide quality services that are aimed to provide you the client with valuable information that can be used to assist with high school and/or college recruitment.

Attending sport specific camps and training programs, playing many games and tournaments are only pieces of a very complicated juggernaut. Adding a seamless platform to capture all the data elements into one platform gives every athlete an opportunity to take full advantage of their career. Testing is only one element of undeniable proof of your talents! There is always a question of who is the fastest, strongest, quickest, or most accurate? Put it to the test where it matters most, in drills designed to mimic actual movements used in your sport! 


KonNeXK Mobile Platform Application is our method of delivering optimized information anywhere and anytime on demand. When information is updated it becomes viewable immediately.  Leveraging our team of solutions architects, programmers and business process engineers KonNeXK is the source of information for subscribers. 


Traditional social media and recruiting services have saturated the market with desperate and often duplicate ways of service delivery that can't support the demand of the customer and must of the time do not result in any quantifiable results and without having ANY of the information authenticated.  We do it the RIGHT WAY!


Each sport domain has various but similar metrics to measure the ability of the athlete. KonNeXK quality assessment of the athlete is based on years of experience in each sporting domain. Our team of educated, skilled and experience leaders consistently review metrics by an established relationship with certified trainers, sports evaluators and coaches to ensure we deliver the right information and quality results.


Once a test meets the criteria, it can be implemented to test and compare athletes on an "apples-to-apples" basis. This gives athletes, parents, coaches, trainers, and scouts a reliable, definitive idea of where they are compared to their peers. 

e they are compared 

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