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Virginia Elite is a national grassroots basketball organization based in Northern Virginia. Established in 2008 the program has become one of the premier grassroots basketball organizations within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Each team complete in national elite level tournaments which as resulted in many players receiving college scholarships.

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Class of 2019
Jonas Munson
6-Foot-11 Jonas Munson, West Potomac
Class of 2016 Class of 2018

Grant Golden

6"9 Grant Golden, Saint James HS, 2016

Ronald Alston

6"7 Ronald Alson, Miller School HS, 2016

Bryce Golden

6"8 Bryce Golden, Saint James HS, 2018

Tyler White

6"8 Tyler White, Georgetown Prep, 2016

James Butler

6"8 James Butler, Lake Braddock, 2016

Jaden Frazier

6"8 Jaden Frazier, Pulaski HS, 2018

Noah Gear

6"5 Noah Gear, Bullis School, 2016

David Clark

6"5 David Clark, Long Reach HS 2016

Nicholas Dize

6"6 Nicholas Dize, Loudoun Val. HS, 2018

Michael Janowski

6"2 Mike Janowski, St Stephens, 2016

Domas Sakickas

6'7 Domas Sakickas, Broadfording Christian Academy, 2016

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