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Every athlete has the desire to be the best. With True Athlete Performance, they can improve their maximum potential through hard work, dedication, and a focus on proper form and technique. Established in 2009, True Athlete Performance boasts a management team with over 25 years of experience and an exceptional staff of trainers with degrees and experience in the field of sports performance enhancement. 

No matter what sport an athlete plays, True Athlete Performance specializes in teaching them how to move efficiently with power and precision, skills needed in any sport. Our programs have been specifically designed to work with athletes of all ages and skill levels to improve performance and ability.  

Contact to Schedule for a Professional Evaluation:
Rob Rose, CSCS, CSS, President Matt Diener, CSCS, CSS, Vice President 
Phone: (703) 568-5657 @ Phone: (440) 465-3584 @

The KonNeXK webPortal is designed to provide real-time access to TrueAP player profiles that can be downloaded for all smart devices.  

Through KonNeXK Explosive Performance offers a safe, unique and direct way to market the recruitment for each player to high school, college and professional recruiters. 

Each player KonNeXK Digital Profile is downloadable for all mobile and desktop devices (Apple and Android).

Each athlete profile contains contact, athletic, academic information and performance metric information that is updated in real-time. Performance metrics are administrated by authorized performance companies through KonNeXK. 

Two (2) Step Process to access/download a player application:

Step 1. Click the FREE Player banner, then the KonNeXK Player App will launch 

Step 2. Add to your device homescreen "Add to Home Screen"

Get Your KonNeXK Athlete and begin sharing your information:

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