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Northern Virginia

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Explosive Performance has been providing the highest level of athlete training since 1997, their programs are designed to enhance and improve every aspect of an athlete's performance. Specializing in improving the ability to react quicker of explosive speed and power, is an asset for any sport. 


Explosive Performance Directors Kevin Boyle, Garrett Broady, Andrew Harvey and Brian Lim Virginia Elite will integrate a Basketball Performance training program with our internal programs that most athletes don't receive until they reach the college level. All training is NOT the same! Explosive Performance integrates real game-time situations into your movements and training regime -- all while conditioning your body for peak athletic performance. 


Contact to Schedule for a Professional Evaluation:
Kevin Boyle, CSCS, CSS, President Garrett Broady, Director Andrew Harvey
P: (703) 297-9266 P: (301) 873-0906 P: (571) 214-7546
E: kboyle@sportandhealth.com E: gbroady@sportandhealth.com E: aharvey@sportandhealth.com

The KonNeXK webPortal is designed to provide real-time access to Explosive Performance (EP) mobile application profiles that can be downloaded for all smart devices.  Through KonNeXK Explosive Performance offers a safe, unique and direct way to market the recruitment for each player to college recruiters. 

Each player KonNeXK Digital Profile is downloadable for all mobile and desktop devices (Apple and Android).

Each athlete profile contains contact, athletic, academic information and performance metric information that is updated in real-time. Performance metrics are administrated by authorized performance companies through KonNeXK. 

Two (2) Step Process to access/download a player application:

1. Click the FREE Player banner, then the KonNeXK Player App will launch 

2. Add to your device homescreen "Add to Home Screen"

Get Your KonNeXK Athlete and begin sharing your information:

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Grant Golden

6"9 Grant Golden, Saint James HS, 2016

David Clark

6"5 David Clark, Long Reach HS 2016

Jaden Frazier

6"8 Jaden Frazier, Pulaski HS, 2018

Tyler White

6"8 Tyler White, Georgetown Prep, 2016

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