E-Class Sports Training

Website: ecsportstraining.com

Contact: Sudan Ellington, Founder  Phone: (540) 435-4668

E-Class Sports Training is a skill specific program that is designed to enlighten, encourage, and assist student-athletes to perform at their highest level. The ECS training experience has produced a countless number of High School All-American and Collegiate signees, as well as Professional Athletes.

Our program is open to male and female students from first grade through college age and beyond. Appointments are required for attending classes. You are welcome to observe a training session prior to sending your child to a class.

E-Class Sports Training has produced countless of High School All-American, Collegiate signees, and Professional Athletes. Thaddeus Young (76ers), Brendon Haywood (Mavs), Grant Hill (Suns), DJ Johnson (Giants), Justin Tryon (Giants), Akeem Jordan (Eagles)  

Big Skill Academy is a football skill program that helps development Offensive and Defensive Lineman who want to improve their skills and technique. The Big Skill Academy training experience has produced countless of High School All-American, Collegiate signees, and Professional Athletes. 

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5 ON 5 comprehensive basketball training program designed to help youngsters make significant improvement in their skills and understanding of basketball. We specialize in teaching the game by breaking it down into its fundamental skills and techniques.

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The KonNeXK webPortal is designed to provide realtime access to all E-Class athletes mobile application profiles that can be downloaded for all smart devices.  Through KonNeXK E-Class Sports Training offers a safe, unique and direct way to market the recruitment for each player to college recruiters. 

Each player KonNeXK Digital Profile is downloadable for all mobile and desktop devices (Apple and Android).

Each athlete profile contains contact, athletic, academic information and performance metric information that is updated in realtime. Performance metrics are administrated by authorized performance companies through KonNeXK. 

Two (2) Step Process to view or download a player application:

1. Click the FREE Player banner, then the KonNeXK Athlete App will launch 

2. Add to your device homescreen "Add to Home Screen"

Get Your KonNeXK Athlete and begin sharing your information:

1. Click "Activation" to start the process.


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