D1 Nova

14434 Albemarle Pt. Pl. Chantilly, VA  20151

Website: www.d1nova.com

Contact: Terrance Jenkins MS, USAM, Facility Director  Phone: (703) 745-1795

D1 Nova provides custom training programs, expert coaching and the latest in physical therapy, all in a motivating, high-energy environment. Every person who walks through the doors of our state-of-the-art facilities is trained and treated like an elite athlete.

D1's athletic-based, motivating atmosphere is designed for student-athletes and adults to receive the D1 Experience via our replication of top college/pro training environments and facilities.

D1 places a strong emphasis on developing positive character, core values and self-esteem, ingraining character building in every workout. Profanity, negativity and tardiness are prohibited at D1. At D1 you don't have to be the fastest, strongest or most fit. You just have to be DEDICATED to your goals.

The KonNeXK webPortal is designed to provide real-time access to D1 Nova players mobile application profiles that can be downloaded for all smart devices.  Through KonNeXK D1 Nova offers a safe, unique and direct way to market the recruitment for each player to college recruiters. 

Each player KonNeXK Digital Profile is downloadable for all mobile and desktop devices (Apple and Android). Each athlete profile contains contact, athletic, academic information and performance metric information that is updated in real-time. Performance metrics are administrated by authorized performance companies through KonNeXK. 

Two (2) Step Process to access/download a player application:

1. Click the FREE Player banner, then the KonNeXK Player App will launch 

2. Add to your device homescreen "Add to Home Screen"

  Get Your KonNeXK Athlete and begin sharing your information:

1. Click "Activation" to start the process.

Athlete Profile Mobile App Download
D1 Nova Football D1 Nova Virginia Elite Basketball

Kai Bridges, D1 Football

Sam Jones

6"9 Grant Golden, Saint James HS, 2016

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