KonNeXK (Connect) was developed 2013 by Thomas Gadson to deliver a unique method of applying precise standards for adopting sport specific testing and performance metrics that provide our clients with detailed analysis of their athletic abilities and presenting information with an optimized mobile solution. Our business and technical team developed a unique quality services that are aimed to provide you the client with valuable information that can be used to assist with high school and/or college recruitment.


Mr Gadson 25+ years of developing IT solutions for government and commercial clients and 40+ years of youth through college athletics has transitioned to the world of sports technology, training, development and marketing of athletes to be recognized by high school and college recruiters. With 25 years' of Application and Infrastructure Solutions Development, Information Technology and Solutions Architecture experience developing, integrating, transitioning and implementing IT (Infrastructure and Application) solutions from concept through operations and maintenance (O&M).  Mr Gadson has been responsible for  recommending and advising on enterprise-wide system improvements, modernization, optimization efforts in the following areas: information systems architecture; networking; telecommunications; automation; communications protocols; work flow automation; software development, application modeling, cloud infrastructure, mobile technology/management, application integration, simulation and data warehousing.


The development of the KonNeXK Mobile Platform Application is our method of delivering optimized information anywhere and anytime on demand. Providing quality and valid information is a key feature to assit athletes in their quest to achieve their goals.   Leveraging our team of solutions architects, programmers and business process engineers KonNeXK is the global source of information for subscribers. 


With traditional computers now moving to mobile platforms and applications KonNeXK creates the ultimate social media and recruiting services with quantifiable and authenticates information.


Each sport domain have various but similar metrics to measure the ability of the athlete. KonNeXK quality assessment of the athlete is based on years of experience in each sporting domain. Our team of educated, skilled and experience leaders consistently review metrics by an established relationship with certified trainers, sports evaluators and coaches to ensure we deliver the right information and quality results. 


Thomas Gadson, Founder and CEO


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